W . W . W . O R A C L E T O O L B O X . O R G
20121122 | Version 3.22.3
Update user privileges page
Update Segment Advisor page (add dbms_space.asa_recommendations informations)
Update Check db page (add table candidate to keep in cache)
Update ADDM report page
Update AWR report page
Update/Rename Cached Table page to Cached Objects (now display objects in buffer_pool KEEP/RECYCLE)
Add Longops history page
Add Streams menu

20120722 | Oracletoolbox monitoring for nagios 1.1
Nagios ASM check : Update the default Treshold (warning from 95 to 80%)
Nagios Alert.log check : Debug : line too long on utl_file / prevent ORU-10028
Nagios Alert.log check : Unable to read alert.log => Update nagios state From "Critical" To "unknown"
Nagios Alert.log check : Sending also the alert.log line with new error

20120429 | Oracletoolbox monitoring for nagios 1.0
Rewrite the oracletoolbox monitoring to shell scripts for nagios

20100203 | Version 3.22.2
Update the windows package to Apache/2.2.14 (Win32) PHP/5.3.1 (New pre requisite : oracle client 10g)
Add sql by Hash page
Add Tablespace usage graph
Apply RawtoHex fonction on raw fields to be compatible with php5 display

20080709 | Version 3.22.1
Update the windows package to Apache/2.2.9 (Win32) PHP/5.2.6 (New pre requisite : oracle client 10g)

20080307 | Version 3.22.1
Add the Tab modification page (describes modifications to all tables in the database that have been modified since the last time statistics were gathered on the tables)
Add the stat operation pable (contains a history of statistics operations performed at the schema and database level using the DBMS_STATS package.)
Add the Workload tuning page (dbms_sqltune.report_tuning_task between 2 snap_id)
Correct some minor bugs
Update to Php 4.4.8 for the windows complete package

20070321 | Version 3.22.0
Add quick connect on all pages (redisplay current information from another database)
Update database information (add controlfile header information)
Debug datafile information (correct information about autoextent)

20070307 | Version 3.21.3
Update Setup.exe file to save passwords file and monitoring settings before new install.
Add segment advisor page (10G)
Add Undo advisor page (10G)
Update OS statistics graphics page (Add link on graph to see last hour stats.)
Update Sort usage page (Add summary information by tablespace)
Update database information page (Add critical patch update history)
Optimize Monitoring Database queries

20070213 | Version 3.21.2
Update Reverse engineering - user (add grant sysdba/sysoper)
Add rman backup log history page (V$RMAN_OUTPUT on 10G)
Update rman running backup page(add current log V$RMAN_OUTPUT on 10G)
Update AWR report page (display information about instance for Rac databases 10G)
Update Tuning Sql/enter sql statement (add Dbms_Sqltune button 10G)
Debug monitoring page (add close sockect function)
Add OS statistics graphics page (based on v$SYSMETRIC_HISTORY 10G)

20070108 | Version 3.21.1
Update License information page (add feature usage (10g))
Add Schedule event log page
Update current session (display hide trace botton (10G)
Add sysaux information page
Add Automatic Workload Repository AWR report page

20061103 | Version 3.21.0
Update check db page : add dba_advisor_actions informations (10g)
Update reverse user page : Add grants on columns
Add resumable statement page
Add refresh button on all pages
Update rman history (add bytes/saveset for 10g)
Add increase tablespace page (copy of decrease tbs page without HWM query )
Debug increase/decrease tablespace to be ASM compliant (10g)
Add dataguard configuration page
Add ASM informations pages (10g)
Update database monitring (replace tnsping by open sockect function, monitor achive dest_status for dataguard, monitor asm diskgroup usage).
Add ADDM Report page (10g)
Add Automatic Sql tuning (dbms_sqltune) on disk intensive, buffer intensive, running cursor and enter sql statement pages. (10g)

20060601 | Version 3.20.3
Add Dataguard Synchro Status page
Add Dataguard Log Messages page
Add Dataguard Process Status page

20060308 | Version 3.20.2
Update current session page (display machine/terminal and program name)
Update redolog information page (update date format of the firsttime column)
Update Monitoring page (Add check ora ora-01578 / ora-01598 in alert.log)
Update CheckDb page (add PGA & Mttr advices)
Update Rollback user page (add rollback segment size per session)
Update rman configuration page (add informations about block change tracking on 10G)
Update Db info page (add retention, snap interval for Automatic Workload Rrepository in 10G, update SGA information from v$sgastat,v$buffer_pool ...)
Update Current session page (add Blocking Session Status and Blocking by Session in 10G )
Add Datapump Jobs page
Add RecycleBin information page.
Add Scheduler pages (scheduler, job, program, running jobs)
Add Quick perfstat report page
Update to Php 4.4.2 for the windows complete package

20051017 | Version 3.20.1
Update database information page (add information about v$instance)
Add database session page (with action : kill, enable/disable traincing session)
Add Object per block page (search object name from file id and block#)
Add audit db information page
Update datafile information and tablespace information page (bug if a tablespace is offline and if a temporary tablespace has no tempfile)
Update resize tablespace page (allow more than 2000Mb if database version is >= 9i)
Update to Php 4.4.0 for the windows complete package

20050816 | Version 3.20.0
Add dynamic html table sort on all pages.
add segment statistics page
Add utllockt page
Update running cursor page (add time remaining, elapsed seconds columns)

20050209 | Version 3.12.3
Add Peoplesoft Batch server Monitoring Page
Update "rman running backup" page
Add "Session Wait" page

20041231 | Version 3.12.2
Update to Php 4.3.10 for the windows complete package
Oracle 10G compliant
Update the way to found the Oracle Version (for 10G compliant)
Add "Blocking lock" page
Update "rman running backup" page
Update "Check Db" Page (add shared pool advise)
Degug monitoring page (display the good warning but the false object name for extent check)

20041015 | Version 3.12.0
Update Apache 2.0.50/php 4.3.8 for the complet package for windows
Update explain plan (use dbms_xplan.display for 9i databases)
Update "database information" page (add dba_registry)
Add "externaly table" page
Add "Oracle directory" page
Update compute of Io statistics on "datafile Io" and "Check DB" pages
Add Rman Information pages

20040219 | Version 3.11.0
Update Javascript menu for Mozzila compliant.
Add Index usage page (9i)
Update monitoring page (check next_extent in localy manage tablespace with extent management auto compliant)
Update datafile information page : Add tempfile.
Update logminer for 9i compliant
Update tablespace information page to add 9i informations
Update object extent warning page for 9i compliant (in locally manager with management auto)
Remove shrink option on rollback segment page if undo management is auto (9i)
Update Administration Page.

20031021 | Version 3.10.0
Update Apache 1.3.28 for the complet package
Add Check index to be need to rebuild page
Update monitoring : show current action while scanning database

20030919 | Version 3.9.0
Modify invalid object page : show/recompile unuseable indexes
Autorefresh all non dba pages
Debug & add graph on statspack analyzer
Datafile information : add informations about autoextend
Update monitoring : Send mail on statuis change.

20030828 | Version 3.8.1
Update statspack page
Update explain plan display
Update Php 4.3.3 for the complet package
Update theme
Update contact : new mail contact@oracletoolbox.org

20030730 | Version 3.8.0
Add a Statspack analyzer page
Add a temp usage page
Add a alert.log viewer page
Update Check db page
Update database choose page (autofocus on db field)
Update Disk & Buffer intensive (explain plan)
Update Monitoring for Statement resumable
Update Monitoring on archiver freeze

20030509 | Refresh design oracletoolbox.org
Refresh the design of www.oracletoolbox.org

20030103 | Version 3.7.0
Update to php 4.3
Add information about sort usage
Update Database jobs pages - add a Job repair.
Correct a minor bug in logminer page (UTL_FILE_DIR)
Update the way to found the Oracle Version
Add a Guest user for the windows package.
Debug monitoring for oracle 7
Add popup & sound for monitoring
Add colum tablespace_name in resize page
Add javascript popup for waiting on form.php & dbafrm.php
Add real size of object ( sys.dbms_space.unused_space)
Add check all/none in log miner page
Add a new theme
Under construction :add check db page in tuning menu

Version 3.6.0
No specifications added, only internal rebuild for the functions parameters tranfert
modify the "surveil.php" page to check the RFS standby

Version 3.5.3
add a javascript in the "resize tablespace" page that check if you enter a right value.
redesigned a little bit the "tablespace information" page to resize the table.
correct all the query of "tablespace information" menu to accept the locally manage tablespaces and tempfile.
modify the page "menu.php" to accept "Personal OracleXX" version
modify the "surveil.php" page to accept alert.log file on NT and monitor #process, #session
correct a bug in database sequences.
correct a printing bug in the "search_and_modify_table_parameter" function (because of the check_size function).
add table & index partition in Database objects menu.
add the shrink button in the "Rollback Segment" page.
Rebuild the Setup.exe installable file for Windows with Apache 1.3.24 and php 4.2.0

Version 3.5.2a
correct a bug in the "running cursor by users" page which display the explain plan.
correct a bug in the "surveil_detail.php" page.
add the monitoring of "ORA-" error in the alert.log file of each database.
modify the "site_administration.php" and "modify_tnanames.php" page so that the server name is automaticaly read from the tnsnames.ora file.
add the "modify_parameter" function to modify dynamically the storage clause of the tables.
add the "machine" column in the "running_cursor_by_users" function.
add a interface to manage the database to monitor, as well as SAP Application Server

Version 3.5.1
add theme in the "site administration" page.
add the OS process number in the "running cursor by users" page.
correct lots of minor bugs, and add some notes in all the pages that were missing ones.
modify the code of the 'table data' function in all the themes.
add the quota in the reverse engeenering of the user.
add the statistics of a session in the page "runnning cursor by users".
rewrite the database monitoring pages to have a much more fine grain control of the monitored objects.

Version 3.5.0
Lots of changes appeared in this version.
added graphic theme (it looks more fun now). Almost all the functions have been rewritten.
since now, you can't change anymore the background color of hte displayed tables!
correct some minor bug.
delete some files like (creation_index.php, creation_tables.php, etc...) and regroup them in one file: execute_action.php
delete the "dba" directory that contains file exclusively accessed by administrator and put all the file which were in it directly in the home directory.
(the security for this file is now manage by PHP and Apacher, and not only by Apache) HAVE A LOOK AT THE INSTALL FILE.
correct a big bug in the tablespace fragmentation (before that, it was only correct when a tablespace was composed from a single file).
correct a small bug in the reverse engeenering (for the view generation).
correct a bug in the "invalid_object" function. When an object has an undefined type, the compilation doesn't work, but now it's skipped.

Version 3.4.2
Add a patch from "Michael Mauch" in the site_administration.php file.
include the fonctions (disk_intensive_SQL, buffer_intensive_SQL, buffer_SQL_most_loads, running_cursors_by_user)
in the fonction_oracle.php file instead of separate files

Version 3.4.1
add a user interface for LogMiner.
add a small waiting window when using the reverse engeenering.

Version 3.4.0
add a source button in all the pages so that you can copy and paste the statement text in another SQL tool.

Version 3.3.11
add the SAP instance monitoring.

Version 3.3.10
correct a bug in the "buffer intensive SQL" page. Displayed information were totally false.
Translation of all the messages should be really finished this time.

Version 3.3.9
add the "Check All/Check None" in the object list of the reverse engeenering.
change the way of customizing colors.
add a site administration interface to customize the database access.
correct the bug that prevent showing the version on Oracle Toolbox in several pages.
add a monitoring of the Oracle jobs.

Version 3.3.8
Correction of a bug in Reverse Engeenering (unique constraints).

Version 3.3.7
Add the Tablespace fragmentation

Version 3.3.6
Correction of a bug in Reverse Engeenering (foreign keys).

Version 3.3.5
Correction of a bug in Reverse Engeenering (tables and snapshots).

Version 3.3.4
Correction of minor bugs (Functionnal indexes in reverse engeenering + Object_extent_warning + some other bugs).

Version 3.3.3
Translation of all the messages is finished.

Version 3.3.2
correct 2 bugs (one in the reverse engeenering, and one in the explain plan).

Version 3.3.1
add of the "Check All/None" link in reverse engeenering.

Version 3.3.0
first version of the reverse engeenering added.

Version 3.2.3
Dynamic menu, remove minor bugs.

Version 2.0
All pages are loaded from the form.php.

Version 1.0
Basic Oracle toolbox without look and feel, without dynamic menu.

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